Our Staff

Marguerite LeBlanc

Marguerite is the owner of the Sewing School, click here for her full bio!

Debbie Helou

Debbie and Marguerite have a long history. Their children went to preschool together, and they taught sewing at Watkins Institute. She has been teaching at the Sewing School since it started in 1996. She is also a radiology technichian, and loves sewing for her children and grandchildren.

Nancy Hagans

Nancy was one of Marguerite's very first students in 1996. She excelled in her classes and started teaching at the Sewing School in 2009. Her intermediate skirt and blouse classes are imperative to advance students from a beginner level to refined sewers.

Aimée Golenor

Aimée is Marguerite's daughter, and grew up around sewing her whole life. Educated as a structural engineer, she uses her technical background combined with her sewing knowledge to clearly teach students proper techniques. Aimée enjoys hand embroidery, crocheting and sewing for her children.

Kim Finley

Kim was the Director of Education at Belle Meade Plantation, and met Marguerite in 1995. Kim and Marguerite took a historic textile tour of England, featuring London and Bath. She has a Masters degree in history and now works as Marguerite's Office Manager. Currently she enjoys needlework and weaving.