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Dissecting a Teen Class - No Frogs Involved!

Our high school students come to class with little or no skills. This after school class offers a learning experience that is different from their school days. In a very casual, creative atmosphere students are surrounded by art and music, as we begin our classes. Operating a sewing machine is the easy part. Choosing a flattering pattern, choosing a size (totally different from purchased garments), adjusting the pattern, figuring out how much fabric you need, cutting out the garment—all of this happens before stitching begins. Students are often surprised at how much math is involved. All of this is done with guidance, demonstrations, and TLC!

Teenagers have their own fashion sense. This is taken into consideration when choosing patterns. All styles from very hip to traditional are student choices. Some teens choose to create their own prom and homecoming garments using their new skills. They enjoy entering these garments into the Tennessee State Fair. Students have an enormous sense of pride in their new creations and can’t wait to “strut their stuff” in their new clothes.

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