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New School Computer!

Twenty three years in business and some things just wear out, get outdated, and just need to be replaced! I have been running windows 7 for years and it will no longer be supported this fall. I have taken the plunge and bought a new computer. This new computer runs on Windows 10--I hope for a very long time. With plenty of help from all of my sewing school support friends, I bought this beauty! All of it's important parts are in the monitor--great idea!

I purchased the computer and had the store transfer all of my information from the old computer to the new computer, and then I was on my own. I know, scary thought! I had to assemble the computer (many cords from old computer still plugged into the backup battery) all by myself! Yes, it was me, the box of parts and an incredible amount of dust under my desk. Believe it or not, it only took about ten minutes to set the computer up. Feeling very smug, but oh, the keyboard didn't work. Turns out I had the batteries in backwards! Turned batteries around and tada! the computer works!!!

Yesterday I spent time bonding. It is relatively easy to use. I am in the process of putting in every password I have ever used. So today, is blog time! Since sewing is the last thing on my mind at the moment, this is where my thoughts have been for the last week.

August classes start next week. Come take a class and I will show you my new "babyl".

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