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Our school is a small space - out of respect for other students we ask that you not wear colognes or perfumes.  Many of our students, and instructors, are sensitive to, or have allergies to these scents. 

Waiting List:
When current classes are full, prospective students can pay a month’s tuition to be on the list.  This tuition will be applied to the first month of class when a spot becomes available.


Ongoing Students:
Tuition must be paid by the last class of the current month for the following month.  If you have not paid for the next month, the first student on the waiting list will be given the space.  Your name will be placed on the waiting list once the tuition is received.  This is only fair to the students who are paying in good faith for a space to be available.  This is for all classes—including teens and kids.

Missed Classes: 
We do not make up missed classes unless there is a foot of snow on the ground and the school is closed.  If you miss a class, the teacher will help you catch up in the next class that you attend, so that you don’t miss a concept. 

Boot Camp: 
Tuition must be paid the week before the class.  There are no refunds unless there is someone who has paid and waiting for a space.

Tuition must be paid in full, as a commitment, a month before the weekend, and, is not refundable.

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