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Which Class is Right for Me?

Beginning Sewing:
This class is for people who have never used a sewing machine, students that are self-taught and need guidance for more professional work, and, for the student who needs a refresher after many years of taking a sewing break.


You have a choice of two skirts—casual pants for gentlemen, for your first project. Students need several months of beginning sewing (this is an individual decision between student and teacher) in order to be ready for the core classes. Students may use their own machines if they have an instruction book (All available online)


Core classes:
These classes are for those that are ready to go past beginning sewing and are ready for the next step. These teaching classes are 8 weeks. 

  • The Skirt class: a custom fit, pencil skirt. Students learn how to fit the skirt, insert a regular zipper, lining and a beautiful waistband.

  • The Shirt class: a custom fit shirt/tunic. Students learn how to fit the shirt. Details include: collars, plackets, continuous bound placket, cuffs, pockets, buttons and buttonholes.

Intermediate/Advanced Classes:
For students who have completed at least one core class—with teacher approval.  

You must know how to insert regular zippers, make beautiful buttonholes, know at least four seam finishes, and have made a wearable garment. Some of these are teaching classes and some are mentoring classes, supervised with advice and support. In all of these classes, fabric and garment design are discussed.


Bootcamp Weekends:
Same requirements as intermediate/advanced classes. This is a very limited enrollment weekend and you must have taken a class at our sewing school at some time. This is an advice and support weekend.

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