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Born and raised in New Orleans, the first born of eleven children. "I made my first dress in the seventh grade. We had a sewing household, with five sewing machines at the time of my marriage." With the birth of two daughters, sewing became even more important.

Marguerite's official sewing instruction is from Watkins Institute, Nashville, Tennessee, where classic sewing was a tradition for 74 years. After three years of training, she was invited to teach at Watkins, where she taught for ten years. 

In April of 1994, Marguerite became Assistant Curator at Belle Meade Plantation. Her expertise in sewing, textiles, restoration and exhibits were put to good use.

Marguerite has kept current in the world of sewing by attending workshops with Sarah Veblen, Sandra Betzina, Cynthia Guffey, Kenneth King, Linda Lee and Susan Khalje.

Marguerite is a member of the Costume Society of America, Association of Sewing and Design Professionals and American Sewing Guild.

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