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What do students want to do after school? Stitching and Chilling!

Children, ages 10 and up, really enjoy coming to the sewing school to learn how to sew. They are excited at the prospect of using real grown-up equipment. They are amazed at how quickly they learn how to use a sewing machine.

Their first project is a skirt. We go through each step--choosing a size, purchasing fabric, preparing the pattern, pinning pattern to fabric, cutting out, then stitching the skirt together! Students learn to appreciate taking their time with each step to produce a pretty garment.

Pressing is a new skill for most kids. They learn the use and care of an iron. All seams are pressed as they sew and learn how to "iron" a garment. Great life skills!

Sewing class is often the after school activity for these kids and some are squeezing sewing in between all sorts of sports and cheer leading.

Look at my first sewing project. A skirt!

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