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Back in the saddle!--Corona guidelines

The Pandemic of corona virus has given all of us a very difficult spring. We have watched the beautiful flowering trees from a window in our homes under "stay at home" orders. Now, slowly we are transitioning into recovery for our country. The sewing school is in Davidson County. We are in week two of Phase one of recovery. The school is considered Phase Two for classes. I am hoping to put out a schedule for June so we can get sewing again.

For all of you sewers out there who have been making and donating masks to health care workers and others who are in need--a very big THANK YOU! Sewers all over the country have stepped up to the plate and turned out thousands of masks. We have made a difference! Our students will continue making masks as we get back into sewing classes.

The sewing school has developed guidelines for our students to keep everyone healthy as we phase back into classes. Social distancing and masks are a must! The following guidelines are now in place:

Masks must be worn in the school!

Please take turns entering the building--stay in your car until your turn comes.

Your temperature will be taken with a contactless thermometer (and you can take mine!)

If your temperature is 100.4 or above you will have to sew at home that day.

Bring your own water/drink in a covered container.

Bring your own lunch or snacks and utensils.

Bring your own sewing machine and sewing supplies. It is too complicated to keep mine

germ free.

Please use the school website for online payments or send a check. Cash has too many germs.

Please stay home if you are sick!!!

Thanks so much for helping keep us all healthy. Can't wait to see everyone.

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