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Field Trip! Florence, Alabama

What's happening in Florence? Plenty! Designer, Natalie Chanin, has a store/factory in Florence under her business name of Alabama Chanin.

A trip to the factory for a class, or just to shop, is a treat for all of us that love to sew. Natalie's Creative genius has given me and my students hours of pleasure in the mist of her beautiful creations and her DIY shop. The garments for sale are hand stitched by local artisans. Two layers of organic, 100% cotton fabric, are hand stenciled, then embellished with hand embroidery. This is all part of the new "slow sewing" movement.

The DIY section of the factory is full of beautiful, hand dyed, organic cottons. There are many samples to give us good ideas, sample garments for you to try on for style and size, and all of the essentials to create your own beautiful garments. This trip I purchased a piece of knit to make a tank top or tee shirt.

It was a great trip. All of the new creations are in a beautiful shade of blue and stenciled in a shiny gold. Just breathtaking! Take a trip to Florence for some sewing inspiration. You won't be sorry.

Beautiful work by student Kim!

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