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How to win ribbons! Start at the very beginning!

Our beginning sewing classes are for students with a limited sewing experience or none at all. I always assume students have no skills so they can experience all that I have to offer. We start with learning about fabrics, how to choose fabrics, where fabric is available, how to measure and figure out your size.

After we have cut out the garment, we then have a sewing machine lesson. We practice stitching and seam finishes before we start the actual garment construction. At this point, students start to work at their own pace--no prizes for speed here!

The beginning classes are planned so that students can get enough experience to progress into our intermediate classes. Most students need to be in a beginner class for a few months--this is an individual decision between the student and the teacher--before they are ready to advance. When a beginner completes their first garment (a skirt), another pattern, in the category of beginner, is chosen for the next project. All garments that are chosen have new concepts to learn and practice on the previously learned skills. It takes lots of practice to become an accomplished seamstress. My point being, that a single month of beginning sewing is not going enable you to do couture sewing. It is a building process.

So come and get started with us, learn how to sew, and earn those State Fair Ribbons!

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