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Keeping It Clean!!

The corona pandemic has all us on edge. We worry about catching this virus everywhere we go and with everything we do. Here at the sewing school we are dedicated to having a clean, safe environment for students to come, relax, and learn something new. Classes are being kept to 4-5 students so all students can have their own special sewing station. Social distancing is very important to us.

The school is located in Davidson County and we are following all the guidelines for reopening our business. Yes, masks are required for everyone in the building and we are taking temperatures. Hand washing is at the top of our list!

Keeping the school clean and sanitary are a primary concern . The school is being kept as clean as our homes with the addition of hand sanitizer being available. Between classes we are spraying antibacterial spray on everything--and I mean everything! Spray is available all over the school for the students for an additional spray if they feel it will make them more comfortable. We have affectionately named our spray "Corona Killer". Students have commented on how comfortable they are in class with all of these changes.

August classes are just around the corner and you will be receiving a new newsletter/schedule. So, sign up for a class and feel free to use the Corona Killer!!

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