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Pants legs that drag on the ground like the queen's train? We can fix that!!

Learning how to sew will help you keep your wardrobe neat and fitting properly. This is only one of the reasons people want to learn how to sew.

What do you learn in a beginning sewing class?

1. How to use a sewing machine correctly and trouble shoot where necessary.

2. Read and understand a simple pattern.

3. Cut out a pattern in fabric.

4. Learn some lovely seam finishes.

5. Complete a garment with a professional finish.

6. Make new sewing friends!

With this knowledge you will be able to hem skirts and pants, start an easy to sew pattern, mend seams that seem to fall apart or disintegrate, and create simple items for your home. You will quickly be able to make gifts--gift bags are always fun and a way to recycle scraps.

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