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Rubber bands: Not only for asparagus!

I like to find tools for sewing that are not specifically made for sewing. One of my favorite tips for new sewers learning how to use the sewing machine is that nice, fat, purple rubber band that holds the asparagus together at the grocery store. These bands are not only a fun color, but they are extremely sturdy. So what do we use them for in sewing?

Most seam allowances on patterns are a tiny 5/8" wide. All of these seams need to be 5/8" for the entire seam, which are sometimes very long. The throat place on the machine has different markings for different seam widths. These are difficult to see when you are juggling fabric. To save time with your ripper just take that purple rubber band and stretch it around the free arm of your sewing machine. Line it up carefully with your 5/8" seam mark and tada! you have a very visible line to guide your fabric. Now you can sew miles of seams with a perfect 5/8" seam allowance the entire length of the seam.

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